High Quality Lubricant Oil

Beltran Oil answer to all the need of lubricant oil for your business's supports such as heavy-duty equipment, transporter, ships and contractor with an efficient price and best quality.

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Motor Oil products include:

  • Heavy-duty equipment such as loader, excavator, dozer, drilling, pneumatic and others.
  • Transporter such as trucks, buses, diesel or gas-powered public transportation.
  • Power Plant, Hydroelectricity Plant (PLTA), Steam Power Plant (PLTU), Diesel Power Plant (PLTD) and Geo Thermal.
  • Municipale Waterworks (PDAM) , Disposal and Environmental Management.
  • Various kinds of ships such like cargo ships, barge ships, commercial ships, war ships and other kinds.
  • Heavy industry that includes cement, steel, sugar, paper, fertilizer, automotive and aluminium.
  • Building contractor, civil contractor, and agronomy contractor.

The Excellence of Beltran Oil:

Original Products

Beltran Oil only offers the original product with the best quality in an efficient price because we want to give the best for you, not just by boasting the brand name. 

Technical Support

If you need a technical help, our reliable and professional technicians will be able to help you until it is done.

After Sales Service

We also provide a free of charge routine lab check for 2 years in maximum.

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